I am Dr P T sunderam a life skills NLP application Life coach, NLP Counselor NLP Trainer and one of the early NLP Pioneer of India,I am in the field over 2 decades of helping the youth of the society, you can see my work in 350+ NLP YouTube videos in ( English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil) and 150 + NLP podcasts.

I am P T  Sunderam the leading NLP ( neuro linguistic programming) psychologist of India, with 2 decades of NLP experience helping the youth of the society,( moving from stuck up phase  to challenge phase of their life) through ( one to one help and group coaching and class room training ) NLP life skills education.

You can see my work in more  than 350 you tube videos and 150 + NLP podcasts , I am available at my NLP coaching clinic at OMR Chennai, i am also CEO of NTC ( NLPlife skills-  Training at Chennai) Academy Chennai.

I hail from Tirunelvely, tamilandu. My parents come from a poor background; my father had a big family to support his own 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My dad was ex-servicemen employed with police department of AP. I was born and brought up mostly in Hyderabad, I was very close to my mother because I saw her balancing family responsibilities taking care of me my sister and my uncle( my father’s unmarried  brothers- un married aunts) and in laws. My father was the only earning member as an ordinary police constable supporting 10 family members. My childhood was full of struggle between my mum and dad as they had lot of fights daily, because could not balance lifestyle of the family members. 

My father had his own stress in his duty, sometimes he couldn’t bear the blaming games of every family members pointing finger to each others. He use to trash all of us, mostly my mother was the victim. My mum use to cry and sleep and I use to solace my mother and my younger sister.

One day my father punished my mother with heavy wooden stick for yelling, to support his blood brother. I was small boy 8 years old and a spectator on the scene questioning god why this is happening to my mother?  In the mid night my mother woke me up and took me to Narsihamsmay temple, sitting near the well sobbing and crying, and she told me the only solution would be to go towards god by committing suicide in temple well. I agreed and both of us jumped into the well hugging each other.

We had injuries, water was around us, but the water was not much, we were trying t sit in the available water, my mother told lets dive ourselves below the surface level of water and was pushing me inside the water level.

There was some loud noise, temple people saw us brought us out to the well.

 The paujari shouted at my mother and asked my why am i doing this? I told because of my father we want to go near to god permanently, we cannot bear this torture daily.

The pujari gave me examples of moive of NTR and MGR where the child grows up protecting the mother and take revenge for the sake of the mother on other family members

One lady in the group told me promise “ull not commit suicide and u will not allow Ur mother to commit suicide” I promised her in front of swami statue

 The pujari told me you want to help your mother? But there are many such mothers waiting for help? Who will help them?  He told me do you know why god has saved you? “To help many more mothers” he asked a promise will u save many more mothers, I told yes I will save many mothers

 I am a very good listener. I talk very less, sometimes I loose myself listening to the stories of my clients during counselling and coaching. Many of my clinic staff asks me “from where you get such great amount of patience of listening hour and hours to clients?” I ask myself this question after repeated question to myself for years. I get only one answer what pujari told me the promise “you have to save many more mothers life from committing suicide “

May be this is my life mission

At that age of 8 years I made a promise innocently, emotionally in grief, I never thought ill become a psychologist, counsellor coach or a trainer. But yes I get lot of satisfaction during listening to others problems.

Life has taught me how to listen; my education and training taught how to diagnose cases with psychometric tools

 I use a wide range of tools for diagnosis (MBTI, Firob, DISC, and NLP. Enneagram etc) while I was heading training division of BHEL (85 k employees) largest public sector of India

After completing my engineering I joined BHEL, I had good reading habits thanks to my mother she use to read a lot of books. I joined Jaycees(a voluntary self development forum) I was national trainer of Hyderabad Jaycees  I conducted lot of training programmes, Goal setting time management, Transactional analysis etc ( I was called mostly for TA)

 To do better training programme I used  to sponsor myself for training programmes ( DILT, MILT etc) Divkar rawala of DILT made a deep impact on my mind, I run a monthly master mind meeting in my house  inspired by “think and grow rich” nepolian Hill

We read lot of books for our personal self development a few which impressed me and changed my life was “ Awaken  the giant by .Anthony Robbins” 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen covey  “ Deepak chopra’s “seven spiritual laws of success” and OG mondinos “University of success’  The power  of subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy”

Diwakr use to talk a lot about NLP( neuro linguistic programming)but at that time all was academic information,

Dr Richard bandler NLP Pioneer came to India in 1997, all top trainers of NLP flocked to this programme, we all completed. We were dived into groups state wise and were asked to run monthly practise group .I was the coordinator of AP NLP practice group, I ran weekly practice group in my house for six months as the group became bigger and bigger we shifted our venues to Indira park a biggest park of Hyderabad

 We sue to read NLP comprehensive ( A Xerox version bokk located with one participant in Goa, which we purchased by paying 6k at that time no books no internet)and practice on each other. Later I applied in on my wife and children in our apartments

I had to do a project work with documentary evidence for net level of NLP training, I applied same NLP techniques and approached sri  sanghi publisher vartha a telugu newspaper publisher. He told me to go and convince there 35 journalists who were undergoing training program at Telugu university.

I went and addressed the journalist telling “how they can use NLP eye ball movement technique” to elicit information news .they gave a thunderous approval.  I wrote for 3 yrs around 153 NLP cases my articles became a mass movement of organised information of NLP case in India. Lot of NLP programmes came in AP and south India

To learn  NLP modelling we interviewed for a success story of “sri b srinvias a 72 % handicapped ( no to legs and on arm) but runs a business of 2cores in Hyderabad. That night I could not sleep  repeatedly I was asking when a handicapped person can do this miracle why not me. But how? He is creating history ? How can I create  history ? ( His story I mentioned in my NLP Telugu and Tamil book)

I wanted to check whether NLP will work in  India in mass scale, I approached  a police commissioner to do a project work with prisoners, he agreed I did NLP therapy for 400 prisoners in Hyderabad central jail

Later on I submitted this as a thesis for my doctoral work I was awarded PhD in NLP

As Bhel Company was undergoing vrs scheme I applied transfer for HRD department from production, to train the employees  using NLP. I applied NLP from recruitment to retirement training of employees

I  model  sue knight when she came to Chennai I asked her  how she is doing NLP training to corporate  she replied she use MBTI as diagnostic tool before conducting leadership training  to executives

 I sponsored myself  for certain psychometric training ( enneagram) to XLRI Jamshedpur and TV rao institute IIM Ahmadabad ,( MBTI,   Firo B, DISC etc)

 I apply the same formula of sue knight diagnose with psychometric tools and then prescribe design training program

  I conducted NLP training to all major public sectors of India, I was in most of the TV channels sharing NLP success story  In 2002  Life positive magazine of New Delhi made an AP special issue there was an article of my work under the title e “NLP Pioneer of AP India”

My company gave me a cash award of  Rs 1lakh for propagating NLP in India

 Most of my NLP expertise comes after helping my young management trainees whom we recruited from top engineering college of India and train them for a period of one year under my guidance ( technical, behavioural, managerial and psychological inputs) to make them performing member of the organisation, As I was a qualified ACC coach for ICF (international coach federation) USA, I use to coach and mentor them.

 I left the organisation Bhel on jan2016, currently I am CEO of NLP training Academy at Chennai

I like to package and share my expertise In NLP counselling, coaching and training  etc as NPT (NLP for professional training  )

 My mission and vision  is to empower  10 billion global families to move from comfort zone to challenge zone, sharing my NLP Life skills application to the youth of the society

 I want your support in reaching my global mission and vision of empowering  the youth in all the 5 major focus areas , namely 1)  Physical, 2)Mental ,3) Emotional,4) Financial and 5)Spiritual life

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.