Top Ten Psychology Counselors of India

The Psychology is a wide relatively new profess sion which has a vast number of specialties, one of these is Counseling Psychology, which is a fast-growing field of the psychology which encompasses research and applied work such as supervision, prevention and health, and education.

Counseling psychologycounts on thousands of professionals who give treatment with therapy and live sessions on a daily basis, without the use of medication, aiming to provide patients with the tools to overcome their disorder or problem by themselves.

Below there are the top ten Counseling Psychologists in India, the selection was made considering academic studies, treatment of marriages, their field of work and their methods of contribution to the society

  1. Dr. P. T. Sunderam

Dr. Sunderam is one of the leading Counseling and Relationship Psychologist in India, whose goal is to guide both individuals and couples as they implement the skills that will allow their relationships to flourish. He is a post graduate in Counseling and Psychotherapy with a Ph.D. in Neuro Linguistic Psychology. Dr. Sunderam has treated over thousands of individuals and couples, including prisoners in the central jail of Hyderabad, from depression and stress to emotionally disturbed cases, over the past 2 decades. He does skpye/whats app video counseling through out he world and does face to face counseling at his clinic at Chennai

His success comes from the different schools of therapy, such as NLP, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Neuro-Semantics, Silva mind control of therapy, and so on; and also because of his particular programs and psychological advice on Indian TV channels, the Internet and newspapers. He has also authored three Indian books about counseling. His works can be found out on

Dr. Sunderam carries out counseling in 4 languages , English , Hindi , Telugu and Tamil , all his works are available on his you tube channel with more than 300+ videos ,( ) he can be contacted at his clinic in Tamabaram . his mail is , is also available at 9640000054.

  1. Prof. G. B. Singh

Dr. Prof. Singh is the head of the non-profit organization All Indian Body since he came back to India in 2011. He is widely known and respected for his counselling skills and psychoanalysis ability in many fields, especially in the field of relationship counseling. He is internationally recognized in the field of Cognitive Neuropsychology and Brain Neuroplasticity as well as in the field of learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Autism, and so on.

He encourages parents to have their children to be tested and screened from the early age of 4 onwards for any symptom of dyslexia or any form of learning disability, which most likely are wide-ranging, genetically based neurological conditions.

Prof. G. B. Singh, with his expertise and high skill levels, has combined a soothing touch with years of experience which allow him to help his patients’ lives take a turn for the better on an everyday basis.

He can be contacted at his clinic sector 18 , noida on 0120 425 0145 .

  1. Ms. Rashi Anand Laskari

Graduated in the University of Mumbai as a Psychologist in 2011, Dr. Rashi Anand Laskari is a renowned professional in the field of Mental Health Care located in Mumbai. She has helped many patients through her years of practice as a Child and Adolescent Counsellor working as a school psychologist for 5 years, and Individual and Family Therapist assisting senior psychiatrist and marriage counselor Dr. Rajiv Anan for over 7 years; which gives her expertise with patients of all ages.

She can talk English and hindi , she can be contacted at her clinic at andheri , Mumbai .

  1. Mr. A. D. Mahapatra

Dr. Mahapatra is a Counseling Psychologist with 17 years of experience who works in Kolkata. He is affiliated with hospitals and clinics in the area, remarking Best Treatment Without Medicine. He provides remedial cure to psychological disorders.

His specialization in Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychological counseling have allowed him to treat a wide variety of psychological disorders, personality problems, unhappiness causes, bad habits, behavior problems, emotional problems and problems related to relationships, identity and sexual development.

He can be contacted on 098742 88497 , at his clinic in Kolkata .

  1. Mrs. Arthai Selvan

A national certified counselor and a licensed clinical psychologist from the United States and India respectively, located in Hyderabad. She has 13 years of experience in the field of psychology, currently treating individuals and families on private practice at Pause for Perspective, a company from which Mrs. Selvan is founder.

She is specialized in mindfulness informed therapy and based therapies, intuitive eating counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, among others. She runs an you tube channel named simple tools for intential living (STIL).

She can be contacted at her clinic near St.Franicis degree college , begumpet Hyderbad. she can be contacted on094907 08947

  1. Mrs. Hema Sampath

Mrs. Sampath is a Clinical and Occupational Psychologist currently running a help center called Regenerating Lives, a new beginning, located in Bangalore. She has 12 years of experience. Studied and completed Masters in Clinical Psychology, Diploma in counseling Skills, NLP.

She believes that everyone has ups and downs in life, and most of the times one can handle it by themselves. However, when one is not able to overcome by themselves nor their near and dear ones are seemed to be helpful, a new beginning is required.

She runs a counseling center called Regenerating Lives her works are available doctors circle youtube channel. and can be contacted at near jeyadeva hospital banglore.

  1. Dr. Lakshmi T Rajan

Alumni of the prestigious Madras University, Annamalai University, the Global Open University and the Bhagwat University. She is B.Sc. in Psychological Counselling, M.Sc. in Psychotherapy and Counseling, and M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Psychology located in Chennai. Mr. Lakshmi Rajan is also an American Psychological Association (APA) Affiliate with 12 years of experience who has devoted her life to the research field of human behavior.

Through her research, she has developed Mind Management and Delta State Meditation, which has brought very important results in the treatment of psychological disorders and has given hope of life to many people.

Dr. Lakshmi T Rajan can speak in tamil and English and runs an youtube channel named mastermind foundation. She can be contacted at her clinic Miot hospital , Chennai.

  1. Ms. Chhaya Jain

Ms. Jain Studied and completed M.Sc. in Applied Psychology in 2010 and Advanced Diploma in Counseling Psychology in 2012. She’s got 8 years of experience and currently works in Sion, Mumbai.

She is a trusted Counseling Psychologist that provides personal treatment to people in stress, tension, depression, etc., to make them overcome these conditions in order to live peaceful life.

She’s also been trained for Cancer Counseling and families treatment, and her specialties embraces Counseling Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Health Psychologist and Psycho-Oncologist.

Ms. Chhaya jain can talk in English, hindi, Marathi , gujarathi . She can be contacted at her clinic Sion Mumbai.

  1. Dr. Dattaram Satpute

A Psychotherapist, Psychology and Counselling Psychologist with 19 years of experience in these fields located in Warje, Pune. He is MS in Counseling and Psychotherapy, D.Sc. in Psychotherapy and member of the American Counsellors Association.

He earned many awards and recognitions from which the most relevant are Eminent Psychotherapist of India Award in 2009, Mother Teresa Excellence Award in 2010 and Noble Son of India Award in 2010.

Dr. Dattaram Satpute provides services about Psychometric testing, stress treatment, parent counseling career counselling and psychotherapy for couples.

Dr. Dattaram Satpute can speak english and hindi languages fluently he can be contacted at his clinic mumbai-banglore highway , pune.

  1. Ms. Shyamala Dinakar

Graduated in Applied Psychology from PSG college of Arts and Science, Ms. Shyamala Dinakar currently practices as a Clinical Psychologist in Krishna Nursing Home, Centre for Medical Psychology Counseling and De-Addiction in Tamil Nadu, India.

She has received Prof. Balasubramaniam Prize in 2009 for being a meritorious student, and continues to excel in clinical psychology. Since 3 years, she has been serving at Rathinam International Public School as a School Psychologist to garner a positive learning environment by helping teachers, students and parents alike.

Ms . Shyamala Dinakar is also a clinical psychologist , she can be contacted at Krishna nursing home , Coimbatore.


It is remarkable to say that despite the reluctance that remains related to therapies without medication, it cannot be ignored the academic preparation and studies that the counseling psychologist mentioned above have, and the results and relevance they have achieved through their years of practice.

At this moment, Counseling Psychology is helping a lot of individuals and couples live a better life without the use of medication around the world. And it’s having excellent results and increasingly acceptance, and these professionals are the Top Ten Psychology Counselors you will find in India.

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