NLP for Beginners Dr P T Sunderam NLP guru of India

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro(mind) linguistic(language) programming( sequencing). In one  word how to program ur mind for success pattern thinking, acting. and behaving.

NLP training teaches u how use your own mind like a remote control button for what you want

When u purchase a mobile u get a user manual? NLP is friendly user manual of your mind

We all are suffering because, we know we are doing a mistake, we do not know how to repair it

Because we know knowing is not equal to doing, but we work on the same pattern and strain our brain and blame our brain

Why NLP is required ?

Why study is required ? why we go to schools?

Why  to learn ? This NLP for people who want to excellence in any field they under take,  NLP is mind programming  science, this is break through form classical schools of psychology. This is one of the costly training program and life time , life changing  training program in the world, for the lat 30 the world of mind management science.

 There are two ways of living, living by default and another is living by design

 What ever you are experiencing is a result of your past..You can choose your choice +. If you do repeat the same mistakes u get the same results. This can be called as “ circle syndrome” if you go in circle you get the same results

You can choose a different choice moving tangentially slowly ,. Small improvement at mind blue print level or subconscious mind level and enjoy result at conscious lever . just like a spiral. This can be called a “spiral syndrome”

Where was it born ? why costly training ?

NLP was discovered by two great specialist Dr Richard banlder and John grinder when they where studying “why some people are successful why theirs are failure? This is termed as “ Modelling excellence” thys say NLP is like the software of the human mind, once you know the software of your successful boss u can also become applying the same techniques of excellence

 This program is a research work over 500 years of sub conscious and conscious mind programming science , by few dedicated  experts, This subject is barrowed and filtered with lot of mind set  working techniques  and strategy.   THIs science is called NLP mind Programming science NLP can also be called as NLP psychology or NLP is also called as software for human mind

                                                                                                                                                                        NLP cannot be taught through books or schools like any other academic subjects< NLP is learn for NLP practitioners ,This is highly experiment based training class

In India  the price varies from Rs 30k to rs1.5lakh basic introduction  training program. Out side Indian this basic training program is minimum Rs 1.5 lakhs  to s10 lackhs ( refer my you tube video)

The price  may vary on the venue, syllabus covered he expertise of the trainers and out come of the programme

When compare to the cost of investment ,The benefits are magnums and life changing with  permanent results

Which are the   areas NlP Psychology  can be applied ?

NLP can be applied in all areas of learning with mind?

1 Business development 2 Teaching   teachers 3 Training  employees 4 Diagnostic Therapy

5 Executive Coaching 6 individual counselling 7 students  career guidance  8  improving communication skills 9 Relationship enrichment 10 Diagnosis of relationship 11 Neuro-leadership  training. 12 life coaching

How can any body learn NLP training ?

NLP training is an upcoming break through psychology of the century. This will be useful for every perosn on the globe. NLP makes you a self psycholigst of yourself with psychlogist mindset. As a student  you can improve your concentration memory skills for more marks,Employes can be traiend to improve the work performance in the organiaston,As a teacher one gets ideas to aplly in class rom managment, AS a mother you can grrom your child career by pruchaisng games and toys accrding to the aptitude of the talent of the kid. As a counsellor you can counsell for  supe fast relsut, As a coach one can  bring quickly the coahcee from years  confusion to instant clairty. AS a crporate trainer you can dignoise the audience and make tailor made program for the organsition  as Yougn parents womb training wil help prepare  baby to fit the future in mothers womb itslef.

There are  5 levels  of Nlp training certification

  1. Basic NLP  practitoenr training
  2.  Advanced NLP practitioner training
  3. Train the trainer NLP course
  4. NLP application training( sales, manager, coaching, counselling etc)
  5. NLP business practitioner course

Important link on NLp you tube videos

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(For details training /corporate/schools/ slef contact Dr P T sunderam  call 9640000054)

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