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I’m bpo associate 24age one of my friend who knows Dr. PT SUNDERAM refereed me to him for psychological counselling Dr SUNDERAM asked me to give an email about all the problems I’m facing for diagnosis purpose afterwards he finalise appointment in tambaram for face to face counselling. The following are my learning.

1. Need to change in profession

2. I have to minimise my day dreaming

3. I suffer from over imagination and poor concentration.

I’m planning for psychotherapy session and DMIT test for identifying for my inbound carrer

I’m comfortable with him and the way he carried me

Dr. P T Sunderam (PhD) replied
The client was counseled the session lasted for 3 hrs. He needs lot of mentoring, he is highly willing to in learn and relearning
Suresh (Verified)3 months ago
Visited For Career Counselling

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I am a 40 years old mother went for DMIT test for my son’s career guidance tips . I got a 50 page career guidance counselling report Dr.sundaram explained the report for 2 hours to me my husband and my son talking about future career behaviour and leadership studies etc.

Following are our discovery from the counseling report we can invest on following areas for our son

2.foreign language

3.creative arts

4.concentration improvement games

5.aptirude for social behaviour

6.minimise his anger.

The DMIT report gave lot of information which change our life direction for our family a rich investment for our only son’s future.

Dr. P T Sunderam (PhD) replied
The parents came with the complaint, The boy was moving slowly into isolation , movingly away from parents and friends and was avoiding them, this reflected in decreasing of his academic performance,He was not interested in accadrmic studies in school. There was a clear cut evidence the boy do not have any passionate goal. During the pre counseling stage, parent agreed to implement whatever may be the outcome on psychological report’s.and psychologocal counseling. The boy was asked to go through various tests, Dmit report is based on finger prints psychology formed during the first 100 days of pregnancy stage. This talks about the inborn talents of child . This Dmit report serves as GPS blueprint for one’s life.The earlier it is done the longer is the time to groom the talents of their children One can get an indication towards 1 future job a 2 toys and games to groom the passion of child 3 Tips for parents 4 Tips for Teachers 5. Passionate area In other words it’s Dmit report is GPS for a student future’ career The parents were happy with 2hour point to point explanation for the entire family members.
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Visited For Marriage/ Marital Counselling

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I am 34 years old housewife. I have contacted the doctor for a counselling. He asked me to send email before coming for the counselling. After the email, fixed up the timing for the counselling. He heard out me . And suggested me many solutions and asked me to choose the one which suits me. Overall its a good experience.

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Visited For Marriage/ Marital Counselling

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I am 30 years old and working in a MNC. I consulted the doctor for marriage counselling. The way he treated is entirely different. First he asked us to share an email with our problems and analysis us in a better way.i am happy that I had reached out to a **** doctor where he can solve my problems.i am planning to go for psychotherapic sessions

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Visited For Marriage/ Marital Counselling

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I am 35 years old engineer working in a MNC. I contacted the doctor over phone for an appoint for marriage counselling. He asked us to send out email stating our issues before fixing the appointment. He has gone through the email and called us for a session. Had a wonderful session with the doctor hearing us so patiently, and suggested us to do few homework which will help us to sort out our differences.

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Visited For Child Psychology

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I m mother of a school going child, I mtech in eng am working with a company, my husband is working in an industry, lately we found disobedience and abnormal behaviour in my 6 yrs old son, not listening to us, poor socialization skills and no concentration on study, to improve kids performance my husband located dr sunderam

counselor profile through internet,

When we talked to dr sunderam he asked us to mail us what difficulty the child is facing and what parents are expecting from doctor

We didi that through what’s app, he went through the content and advised as the root cause is improper parenting style of us

Dr sunderam has 20 mnts video counseling with me and my husband

And suggested us to introspect on revising our parenting styles

The following are the education laernings from his video counseling sessions

1 the importance of parenting style

2 the womb training periods

Mother’s observation

1Sir u asked to change the parenting style

2He didn’t accept me as a parent

3 He is hearing all the things not listening

4 frequently mismatch in our thinking style

Father’s learning

1.Counseling need for parents not for child.

2. Parenting style needs to change

Our expectations are

Let me forget about me and husband our only aim is to make my kid as normal boy

We learnt our assumption of parenting in not correct

We looked for child counseling, we got an opportunity to relook in to our relationship styles

We r looking forward for parenting counseling session with dr sunderam

Dr. P T Sunderam (PhD) replied
I m very happy about this case , as both parents are post graduate in engineering and working couple s, even though they came for their kids counseling, once they understood that the root cause of the problems, doesn’t lie with the kid, but lies in the parents, they accepted it whole heartedly and came for working on there re parenting styles This is the first case in my 25 yrs of counseling where parents have understood their need of more psychological help, to improve there family relationships style I have lot of respect for such sinicire parents, I did few extra video counseling sessions to make there clarity towards there parenting goal. Hats off to the home work done by them. Counseling never fails provided both doctor and client for there home work properly. A family introspection is society introspection, which inturn is my Indians introspection. Mera counseling mahan, mera client mahan, mera Bharat mahan
Dilip (Verified)4 months ago
Visited For Career Counselling

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Im a graduate working in BPO went to doctor for psychological issues. Doctor was very friendly. Spoke over the phone first and asked to write email first about my issues did a pre diagnosis that I have personality disturbance. Had one session. Happy with the outcome. I understood I ve chosen wrong Carreer and I’m a creative person. Was told to do some home work and eager about the second session

Dr. P T Sunderam (PhD) replied
Client was very committed to improve, the way he did the home work before coming for counseling session was itself a proof of his serious Ness, the best part of the session goes to his wife who silently was serving as bridge of communication between us Beacuse of lack of appropriate career guidance know ledge from school r from specialist have made my client choose an accident al job which was not in tune to his Passion The client is coming for womb based career guidance test,which gives an indication of his passionate areas towards professional success
Aruna Narasimhan (Verified) a year ago
Visited For Career Counselling

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I went to Dr. Sunderam for career counselling for my daughter udaya lakshmi N , studying in 12 class in GKM school. After a brief diagnosis…He suggested DMIT psychology test. He took the finger print scanning of the student. he explained us that we will get a 70 pages report after one week. He suggested that both child & patent

should be present for the career counselling. We went for the 2nd session &happy to see the report with lot of details.

How ever doctor’s vast experience & his counseling method &interpretation of the report point by point for 21/2 hrs gave more clarity to 3 of us.

The following points are to be mentioned..

1. Career priority for my daughter

2. Clarity on the career she should not choose

3. Brain neuron distribution, what learning style she should improve

4 . As a mother I liked the revealation of my daughters primary &secondary personality which is generally overlooked by parents.

5. Options of subjects, options of job

6. Doctor also gave tips to parents based on the inborn talents of the child on what games & what extra curricular activities can be developed for a stress free personality.

Parents can consider this report as a working manual to guide the future of their child.

My daughter started applying the tips immediately I was happy over her confidence

I am happy for such guidance by Dr sunderam

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Visited For Individual psychotherapy

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I am working in MNC. I came for premarriage counseling. When I called doctor, he talked to me on phone to have a clarity of my issues. Being from a north Indian state I don’t know Tamil so he talked to me in Hindi that was a big plus point. Then only he gave appointment. I would recommend to visit doctor. I had a very nice experience. He is very friendly, listened to me carefully. I learned many points about myself in first session itself. I am living in my own imagination world that is a distraction from reality so I need to work on that. Also about relationships that we should deposit first then expect anything. Doctor told me to do homework and come for next session.

Dr. P T Sunderam (PhD) replied
The client was caught up unconsciously in pattern of rejecting 3 to four arranged marriage proposal s, without knowing that she was following a pattern. The moment the pattern was revealed to her, I saw a bright happiness in her face,as if all the clouds are clear now. I was very happy to see the interest she showed towards pre marriage counseling. I see a lot of girls of internet generation doing full home work on themselves and preparing for married life. I see a contrast of two generation approach towards marriage, one on the omr clinic, another at Tambaram clinic. At Tambaram clinic I get post marriage counseling cases of traditional couples ( TV generation)who come for repairing there realionship, but move at a very slow place. All the success of this case goes to my client who was transparent in doing pre counseling home work , before coming to the clinic
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Visited For Psychological Problems

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I found doctor through practo and i saw some other feedback ,then

i thought i should call and tell him about my problem and then

i called him and doctor asked me to email me the details for pre

daiognosiic counseling, using the email content dr had a what’s up

video counseling where I got further clarity of how to go ahead with therapy and then i got good tips from doctor and i learn from that tips

and i resolved my problem and one big thing is that doctor communicated

with me in hindi after that i was more comfortable to share my problem so that is my experience with doctor.Doctor is very experienced and problem solver.

Dr. P T Sunderam (PhD) replied
The above client is an engineer ING student from North India doing his course at VIT chennai, he was focused on Poor performance from his school days till now He identified around 20 psychological problems he was facing in his email forwarded for daignostic counseling We had a few what’s up video counseling sessions. As he is hailing from North he had Tamil language and English language barriers he was very happy that the whole 30 mnts video counseling went on Hindi language A sinicire students struggling to improve his performance